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” 'All the perfumes of Arabia cannot sweeten this little hand…'…..Shakespeare This quote highlights the importance and impact of Arab world in the field of perfumes. It proves that the best perfumes are originated and come from the Arab world. Therefore, naturally and logically, the Arabs are the best connoisseurs of perfumes. It is an indispensable part of Arab culture, which reflect the good taste, and status of the wearer.”

We will not try to take much of your time! We will give a very brief introduction of ourselves and who we are. We as The Fragrance Company based in Sydney as a sole distributor are fully committed to promote, market and distribute what we have fully believe in.... "Rasasi" .... a brand which is very popular and distributed in more than 50 countries all over world. We have a privilege to launch the brand for the first time here in Australia.

The brand Rasasi speaks for itself!! Born in one of the most popular city in world "Dubai", UAE. Rasasi has a very vast collection of men, women and unisex French line and Oriental line presenting in oils and sprays, as you are well aware, that we cannot describe the best of any fragrance via words but we can assure you its something which you wouldn't have smelled ever.. the best words i can give for it is as a mixture of western and Arabian fragrances, and each fragrance in 100% pure which is very long lasting and with its very attractive bottles of each fragrance and packing, it attract the customers from the corners ... let me just attach a picture of one particular fragrance called Rania (its a perfumed oil).. to just have a feel of , what we are talking about the bottles design.

Rasasi is very economically priced - it prices from $25-$100 but main average collection and the most popular collection is about $25-$60, we won’t hesitate to quote that the brand produces luxury at economy and budget prices.

Looking at your strong position in the market, and vast collection in perfumery, we fully belief that Rasasi will add one more star to your flag and with no time we will be facing the fruitful long term results of this mutual business.

To all of you, from all of us at The Fragrance Company - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Managing Director The Fragrance Company